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BigDogs_logo.jpg (50259 bytes) That Rockabilly sound is what this band is about.  Yes, the name is stolen from Jeffrey Scott Stewart's early backing band (uh . . . The Big Dogs . . .).

The Big Dogs

The Big Dogs on MySpace

Barkin' in the Park - The Big Dogs' Blog


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World Music ("blue marble" - get it?), and especially Reggae, is the focus of this band.  (You will hear a Bossa Nova rhythm, and some other spicy stuff along the way.)

The Blue Marble Rockers

The Blue Marble Rockers on MySpace

The Blue Marble Rockers' Blog

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Acoustic Music: Bluegrass, Folk, Acoustic Pop, Acoustic Jazz even.  Both with and without vocals.

The Firefly Creek String Band

Firefly Creek String Band on MySpace

 Firefly Creek String Band Blog

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"Gator Moon" performs Cajun and Zydeco Music, with a unique swampy, funky R&B sound also (think Little Feat, but swampy perhaps).

Gator Moon

Gator Moon on MySpace

Gator Moon Blog

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Rock Music . . . Southern Rock, hard rock . . . straight up rockin' tunes.


Griffin on MySpace

Griffin Blog

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JeffreyScottStewart_Logo_sm.gif (18496 bytes) Americana / Pop / Ballads . . . Jeffrey Scott Stewart is the creative force behind Blue Clover . . . leader of every Blue Clover band.  Notice that every album cover will have on it "aka Jeffrey Scott Stewart" . . . also known as Jeffrey Scott Stewart.  Diversification is a great thing . . . the band names are used for clarification, which is also a great thing.  You know, for instance, that if you are going to listen to the "Sweet Willie Milton" band, you're going to hear blues music.  In short, if it doesn't fall into one of the other categories, it will be credited to simply "Jeffrey Scott Stewart".  Basically the Americana / Pop / Ballad material.

Jeffrey Scott Stewart

Jeffrey Scott Stewart on MySpace

Jeffrey Scott Stewart's Music Blog

Jeffrey Scott Stewart Fan Club

Life . . . as if it matters (Jeff's Personal Blog)

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LOBO BLANCO "Lobo Blanco" or "White Wolf" performs Latin Music . . . or latin influenced music.  With both Spanish and English lyrics (or instrumentals).

Lobo Blanco on MySpace

Lobo Blanco Blog

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Country Music . . . soft waltz, ballads, country pop, country swing, 
and gritty country rock. 


Railtown on MySpace

"On Track" (a Railtown blog)

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SHE-LA Multiple/rotating/guest female vocals are featured with this band.  All kinds of material, but all from the female perspective.

She-La on MySpace

She-La Blog

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SweetWillieMilton_logo.jpg (56335 bytes) "Sweet Willie Milton" is the name of the band, not an individual.  Blues is the thing.  All kinds of blues music.

Sweet Willie Milton on MySpace

"The Lowdown . . . " (Sweet Willie Milton Blog)

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"Tarantism" is a great word.  It's based in mythology, and it refers to a nervous disorder causing an "irresistible urge to dance".  One would be bitten by a Tarantula (hence the use of the Tarantula legs in the logo, and the Tarantula on the album cover), become stricken by this disorder - the "Tarantism" - and dance the Tarantella!  

The Tarantism Orchestra is a dance band of sorts.  Big Band and R&B music, much of it styled after the big band music of the 1920's and 1940's.

Tarantism Orchestra on MySpace

The Tarantella - Tarantism Orchestra Blog

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Zipperlip_logo.jpg (35483 bytes) Instrumental offerings.  From atmospheric sounds to jazz-rock.

Zipperlip on MySpace

Lip Service - Zipperlip Blog

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